Delivering American University's news and views since 1925. | Saturday, February 16, 2019

Staff editorial: Maintaining our accountability in turbulent times

The past few weeks have been filled with turbulence, transition and uncertainty. Nonetheless, the main theme has been “experience,” particularly that of D.C. students and the experience of participating in the massive Women’s March on Washington and the inauguration of Donald Trump.

When we sent six reporters downtown that weekend to shadow AU students attending these events, we realized the position of a college student media reporter affords an intriguing vantage point. It is something unique to find ourselves among thousands of politically active students and residents of the D.C. area while also maintaining our accountability as journalists to the entirety of AU’s student body.

By being present during turbulent times, there is a gravity to our work as student journalists. We honor and respect the obligation to be present and active in reporting on student activism and the new president’s impact on the campus community.

Washington D.C. has brought hope, spirit and freedom to many people for centuries. Although this election cycle was fraught with mudslinging, we are committed to being a platform for all viewpoints that respect human dignity.

The role of campus news outlets is not to arbitrate what is right and wrong, it is to tell the truth and illuminate the voices of those around us. As we move forward, we must remember that there are no “alternative facts.” The integrity of the news must be reinforced by ensuring that all stories are told with dignity and cognizance.

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