Student Government launches AU TurboVote campaign

SG hopes to register every student to vote

Student Government launches AU TurboVote campaign

Last Thursday, Student Government launched the AU TurboVote campaign in an effort to register every student to vote in time for the general election in November.

SG is relaunching its partnership with TurboVote, a national platform specifically aimed at young people with the goal of increasing their civic engagement.

After signing up online, the TurboVote application provides individualized information and updates for upcoming elections, voter registration and absentee ballots.

“The AU TurboVote campaign is one of the most ambitious voter registration plans ever in a college across the country,” said Valeria Ojeda-Avitia, Director of the Kennedy Political Union and coordinator of AU TurboVote.

The campaign has 25 campus partners, including the Undergraduate Business Association, the Interfraternity Council and the Intercultural Greek Collective, with the intention to expand, according to Ojeda-Avitia. TurboVote is also committed to non-partisanship, and the campaign is collaborating with both the AU College Democrats and AU College Republicans.

“Voting is one of the most important facets of being an American citizen, and AUCRs is proud to do its part in encouraging civic duty by participating,” President of AU College Republicans Tom Herbert said.

The campaign will be tabling on campus throughout September, with heightened campaign efforts expected on National Voter Registration Day, scheduled on Sept. 27.

Individuals can access TurboVote online, and can also become an AU TurboVote Ambassador and help spread the message. Ambassadors work to register voters and visit AU clubs and Greek life organizations to help groups register, according to TurboVote Ambassador Yazan Hanouneh.

"I became a TurboVote ambassador to ensure that every AU student has the opportunity to vote even while they're far from home,” Hanouneh said. “Whether you're a Democrat, Republican or something else, it is important to be civically engaged and participate in the system of democracy that keeps our nation running. In the end, this work is worth it since we'll have a more representative government that all students will feel like they helped elect."

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