A college student’s gift guide for Valentine’s Day

Here are a few suggestions for AU students struggling to find a meaningful, yet affordable gift for their significant other!

A college student’s gift guide for Valentine’s Day

Chocolates, roses and candlelit dinners...images of classic Valentine’s day gifts fill the media this time of year. However, if you’re looking for a unique way to spend the holiday with your loved one, check out these suggestions! From spending time with Bei Bei the Giant Panda to creating personalized art for someone special, The Scene’s Valentine’s Day gift guide includes something for everyone.

A Day at the Zoo

People are lining up to see America’s sweetheart everyday at the Smithsonian National Zoo, so take your “bae bae” to the zoo to see the adorable Bei Bei and celebrate Valentine’s Day with the animals! The zoo also sells stuffed pandas for sale at a kiosk near the exhibit, ranging from $10 to $21, so make sure to pick out the fluffiest one for your significant other.

Paper for the First

It’s always been a tradition for couples to give each other paper gifts on their first anniversary, so why not give a paper gift with a twist on Valentine’s Day? Go online, and order a print of your favorite picture of you with your significant other, or a picture that reminds you of them. Simple prints range in price, from $0.15 to $17.99, depending on the size. Then, head on over to Target and pick out a frame that fits the photo, prices ranging from $1.49 to $27.99. Decorate the frame however you’d like, or leave it plain. It’s the thought that counts.

Classic is Always Best

Sometimes, all a person wants is chocolate and roses for Valentine’s Day. Whole Foods Market in Tenleytown sells various bouquets, including flowers like roses, lilies, orchids and hydrangea, all ranging in price. There are many stores to choose from when it comes to chocolates, but, believe it or not, CVS Pharmacy has a great variety. CVS also has some cute teddy bears to complete the package, and some even come with a chocolate bar.

Be Artsy with Etsy

Etsy, a website dedicated to unique homemade gifts, always has the cutest gifts for any holiday, especially Valentine’s Day. Why not get a personalized, intimate gift for your significant other this year? Buy this gold bar necklace and, for a few dollars extra, engrave your partner’s name, initials or both of your names. They’ll be sure to love the thought you put into the gift.

BONUS: If you want to get a gift for your friend for Valentine’s Day, why not try this cheeky, customized spoon? TheDirtyPoet has lots of good options for silly friend gifts.

Open When...

This gift could cost you almost nothing, depending on what supplies you use, but it could take a long time to compose. Think of different situations in your significant other’s life when they may want your advice or comfort, but you perhaps won’t be there. Write a heartfelt letter for each of these situations, totaling to around 30, and package them up nicely. Make sure to write when to open each letter on the envelope!

Poster Passion

Not to include too many paper gifts, but one of the most exciting gifts to receive in general are the ones that are inspired by your passions! Order your significant other posters of their favorite band, movie, celebrity or even just a cute puppy. They’ll think of you when they look at their new posters.

And, if all else fails, you can always settle for the classic rose. But regardless of what you decide to you, don’t let Valentine’s Day pass without celebrating this special day.


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