The Scene’s holiday playlist

The Scene has compiled a holiday playlist just in time for finals week.

The Scene’s holiday playlist

For most people, the next week and a half will be filled with hanging up holiday lights, baking gingerbread houses and finding a tree to put up in your living room. Unfortunately, students are more likely to spend the majority of the week in the basement of the library, catching up on forgotten papers and studying for final exams.

In the spirit of holiday giving, The Scene has prepared the perfect playlist to get you into the holiday mood as you memorize flashcards (or decide to aimlessly procrastinate on Facebook.)

Similar to The Scene’s Halloween playlist, the holiday playlist features both classic rock and modern day hip hop renditions of the season’s most memorable tracks. Featuring tracks from Kanye West to John Lennon, the Scene’s holiday playlist is sure to make your finals week go by faster.

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