SG Jobs Board taken down

SG Jobs Board taken down

The AUSG Jobs Board website, as it looked in August. The site carried warnings about scams for some time.

Student Government and Student Activities shut down the AUSG Jobs Board on Nov. 18 over concerns the site was leading students into unsafe situations as a result of fake postings and requests by employers for money.

The website, which allows local employers or residents to post jobs that students may then apply, will reopen by the end of the fall semester or at the beginning of the spring semester following security enhancements, SG Secretary Martin Valderruten said.

Valderruten cites possible “risky situations” for students that were brought to his attention last week as the cause of the shutdown.

“I know it’s a really unfortunate situation, but because we’ve had fraud and the biggest concern that I have is for students not being put at risk, I want to tell them [students] to wait a little bit,” Valderruten said.

According to Valderruten, the improved jobs board, which will be engineered by SG’s new IT Director Austin Morgan, will include security measures that verify employer identifications and foster a safer and more efficient system. SG will also be team up with the Career Center to communicate specific safety information to potential employers.

“We’ve been working with Student Activities and the Career Center to create a safer system so that somebody could post a job and then students can see it and message them directly,” Valderruten said. “It’s a way to make it safer, and it’s a way to improve the way the communication is between the job posting and the person who posted it.”

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