The Gym Rat Diaries: A week working out at Sport & Health Northwest

Try out great group exercise classes at Sport & Health Northwest.

The Gym Rat Diaries: A week working out at Sport & Health Northwest

Every week, this column will review a D.C. gym and one or more trial classes.

With finals week approaching, getting off campus to workout seems impossible. If you need to clear your mind but don’t have the time to take the Metro downtown, check out Sport & Health gym in Tenleytown.

The gym has many locations, with two in Tenleytown alone. The Northwest club offers group fitness classes, nutrition and weight management programs, personal training, free weights, cardio equipment, circuit training and child care for parents who want to workout.

Membership pricing changes based on monthly and seasonal promotions. Usually, the monthly rate is $45 with an optional addition of four hour long personal training sessions at $99. The membership includes free use of cardio equipment, weights and group classes.

Make sure to try out the variety of group fitness classes offered including zumba, pilates, yoga, body pump, cycle, club strength and more. You can check out the class offerings and schedule on its website.

The website has a special feature, which shows ratings of the classes it offers based on intensity level from low intensity of 200 like yoga to high intensity of 500 like bodycombat. This is a very helpful tool when determining what group classes work with your personal abilities.

How is the gym?

Sport & Health Northwest has a large cardio area upstairs with a variety of ellipticals, rowing machines, stationary bikes, and treadmills. There are also two group fitness class studios and a studio for cycle classes.

Downstairs, the gym offers a full circuit training area, a variety of free weights and a section for floor work. There are also locker rooms available with showers.

More than enough equipment is available at Sport & Health, and it never seems to get overcrowded. The staff does not walk around the floor, but they always seem to be in the offices, eager to answer any questions.

Try this Class

The Club Strength class was one of the best group exercise classes I have ever attended. The class was set to upbeat music, and incorporated every muscle in your body, in addition to cardio.

Club strength used major cardio, a step, weights and a mat for floor work. After a variety of squats, burpees, weight lifting and sit ups, the class left participants sore but extremely satisfied.

Zumba combined Spanish influenced music and an hour of fun, constant dancing. The Sport & Health Zumba classes were small, with only five or six students.

The Zumba class was very laid back, and the instructor reassured the students at the start to do their own thing and modify as needed. The instructor was extremely fun and easy to follow.

Don’t give up after the first class you try.

The yoga class was more difficult than expected. The class focused on strengthening your body, and less on relaxation and breathing compared to other classes I have attended.

The yoga instructor didn’t seem to want new students in the class at all, and though he was quick to help other students, he neglected struggling new students. I wouldn’t recommend this class unless you’re comfortable with advanced yoga techniques.

Tips to know before you go

  • Don’t give up after the first class you try. Many of the classes offered have a large amount of regular attendees and this may be intimidating. Do not be discouraged if the first class you try isn’t perfect, it gets easier the second time around.
  • Locker rooms are available for public use. Be sure to bring your own lock and a towel if you plan to shower at the gym.
  • There are two locations in Tenleytown, one is Sport & Health Northwest, which is next to CVS in Tenleytown. The other gym is Sport & Health Tenley, which is in a farther location. Make sure you know which gym you are planning to attend when making arrangement.

Address: 4001 Brandywine St. NW Washington, DC, 20016

Metro Stop: Tenleytown on the Red Line

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