The Gym Rat Diaries: A Free Yoga Class at Georgetown’s Lululemon

The Gym Rat Diaries: A Free Yoga Class at Georgetown’s Lululemon

Every other week, this column will review a D.C. gym and one or more trial classes.

As the end of the semester approaches, students’ stress levels rise, and students often put their mental health on the back burner.

Yoga provides relaxation, happiness and strength building. When times get stressful, yoga offers a great balance of exercise and calming meditation, which may be just what you need during final exams.

One studio offering free classes for the public, is located on the second level of the Lululemon store in Georgetown. At this location, a community yoga class is offered every Tuesday evening at 7 p.m. The Georgetown studio also offers other activities, including a Wednesday night running club. If you can’t make either of these classes at the Georgetown location, more classes are available at other Lululemon studios in the District.

How is the studio?

Due to pillars and walls in the middle of the room, finding a good visual spot can be challenging for visitors.

The location of the class on the second level of the Lululemon store also presents a problem because yogis can hear the music that plays in the retail space of Lululemon during their practice. Instead of listening to calming yoga music, yogis are in downward dog position while the latest Nick Jonas single plays in the background. The music is a little distracting, which can make it hard to relax during the session.

Most of the participants are college-aged, which is expected from a free yoga class in the heart of a college town. The upside to having a yoga class with college-aged participants is there is no feeling of being inferior to older yogis who have been practicing for years. The downside is, if you’re looking to escape the college bubble, you can’t quite accomplish that by attending this class.

The studio floor. Photo by Arielle Weg/The Eagle.

Try this class

The Community Yoga Class is easy to follow. Although it’s hard to see the instructor from areas of the studio, the instructor is clear in her instruction and consistently sticks to simple poses.

The instructor encourages the students to challenge themselves and modifies poses to make the exercise more difficult for those who need more of a challenge.

The class provides great relaxation and helps get your body moving after sitting at a desk and studying all day long. For a free yoga class, it met my expectations and offers a simple beginner class for students who want to try out yoga.

Tips to know before you go

  • Bring your own mat and any other yoga necessities with you to the store. Lululemon does not offer materials for customers to borrow.
  • You should arrive early. The space fills up fast and snagging a spot where the instructor is visible can be tricky due to the shape of the room.
  • If you are a regular yogi, don’t bother with this class, even though it’s free. The class is made for beginners who are looking to start yoga.

I don’t think I will go back anytime soon, but I recommend anyone who wants to start yoga to give the class a try. This class offers a relaxed environment that allows you to learn basic yoga poses and prepare for a more challenging yoga experience. And it’s free. What college student doesn’t love free?

Address: 3265 M St., NW

Metro: Bus 30S, 31 and 33

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