The M&M Report: “Inherent Vice” and “Selma”

The M&M Report: “Inherent Vice” and “Selma”

This week on The M&M Report, Devin Mitchell and Mark Lieberman return from hiatus to review “Inherent Vice” (with special guest Chloe Johnson) and “Selma.” After that, “Devin Doesn’t Like Things” returns for a look at the issues surrounding blood and gore in film and television.

Listen to Johnson’s previous guest appearances including her thoughts on The Grand Budapest Hotel, Her and Arcade Fire.

Read Lieberman’s review of “Selma.”

Listen to previous episodes of The M&M Report.


“Inherent Vice” (with Chloe Johnson) -- 1:40 - 20:48

“Selma” -- 20:50 - 38:33

Devin Doesn't Like Things: On screen blood-- 38:35 - 43:30

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