On Stands Now: New in Tenleytown: Nando's, Bread and Salt and Jimmy John's

On Stands Now: New in Tenleytown: Nando's, Bread and Salt and Jimmy John's

Tenleytown is expanding. Take a look at these three new meal options.


Nando’s Peri Peri brings the fiery taste of Portugal to the streets of Tenleytown. The restaurant, which opened in May, is widely known among AU students and is a great sit-down restaurant that won't break the bank.

The restaurant, located at 4231 Wisconsin Ave., offers an incredibly authentic and diverse menu for diners.

Specializing in flame grilled marinated chicken, Nando’s creates Afro-Portuguese flavors with its signature peri peri pepper in many of its sauces. In addition to their signature chicken, the chain offers a variety of sandwiches, wraps, sides, salads and vegetarian items everyone can enjoy.

“Business has been tremendous,” said Matt Lobman, assistant manager of the the Tenleytown Nando’s location. “We are doing what we expected and more.”

Lobman also mentioned that customers include a great mix of both Tenleytown residents and AU students. Nando’s Peri Peri has already begun to participate in AU club fundraisers, which allows the restaurant to build awareness and help raise money for the University clubs and teams.

Bread and Salt


Bread and Salt provides a new kind of sit down restaurant in Tenleytown, serving up house-made products in an intimate atmosphere. The brand new restaurant, which opened in early October of this year, offers American-Italian fusion cuisine. The restaurant, located just past Supercuts at 4619 41st St. NW, also offers a large outdoor seating area.

Though you can only find the menu in the restaurant for now, it serve a variety of pasta, salad, pizza, steak and seafood for a reasonable price. Bread and Salt also serves items from a small breakfast menu every day, which includes pancakes, eggs and other delicious breakfast treats.

In addition, the restaurant specializes in bread products, making everything in house and fresh for their customers.

“We’d like to be very local oriented,” Danny Faber, assistant general manager of the Tenleytown Bread and Salt location. “We are a community restaurant. We are trying to push the Tenleytown and AU community and faculty to come together.”

Faber said that Tenleytown is full of sports bars, and that Bread and Salt aims to be a new, family oriented place for the community.

Jimmy John’s

Jimmy John’s, a chain, gourmet sandwich shop, is working on opening its doors in Tenleytown. Though the opening date is unknown, the store is being constructed at 4433 Wisconsin Ave., just past Mayflower Chinese food. Many of the locations deliver, so it is likely once opened, AU students will be able to get JJ’s subs at their door.

Jimmy John’s has popped up all around D.C. in recent years, and it will add some nice variety to the dining experience of Tenleytown. The chain offers 8’’ sub sandwiches on homemade french bread and giant club sandwiches served on thick sliced bread. All the sandwiches are made with fresh vegetables, meats and cheeses sliced on site that morning. The menu also offers meat-only sandwiches called Slims and three vegetarian options.

The highlight of the Jimmy John’s menu may be the JJ Gargantuan.

“It’s huge enough to feed the hungriest of all humans,” according to the website.

The sandwich is served on their homemade french bun and stuffed with five types of meat, provolone cheese, and a variety of veggies and sauces.


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