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The M&M Report: McConaughey and Harrelson on the bayou

The M&M Report: McConaughey and Harrelson on the bayou

Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson in a scene from HBO’s “True Detective.”


This week on the M&M Report, hosts Mark Lieberman (lifestyle editor) and Devin Mitchell (columnist) discuss two HBO shows that have people talking and a movie with lots of awards-season buzz.

First, they praise HBO’s “True Detective” for its colorful performances, innovative filmmaking and intriguing story structure.

Next, they discuss the first four episodes of HBO’s “Looking,” a smart show about gay men living in San Francisco.

Finally, they review “Philomena,” a British drama nominated for four of this year’s Academy Awards including Best Picture.


“True Detective” — 1:15 – 15:45
“Looking” — 15:45 – 23:45
“Philomena” — 23:45 – 34:00

Be sure to tune in next week as Lieberman and Mitchell welcome special guest Leah Dolittle to discuss the wildly popular Netflix drama “House of Cards.” They’ll also review the first week of Jimmy Fallon’s “Tonight Show.”

In the meantime:
-Read Lieberman’s piece on “House of Cards,” which Mitchell mentions in the opening minutes.
-Catch up on previous episodes of The M&M Report on Mark’s blog.
-Look for The Eagle’s first print edition of this semester on Feb. 18.

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