Things the University should make with the remains of that tree on the quad

1. Free printer paper for the whole campus for a year

2. Ben Ladner effigy to remember his greatness

3. Tree fort/office extension for use by the Battelle-Tompkins staff

4. Trebuchet for feudal warfare against GWU, Georgetown and Catholic

5. Lifetime supply of bats for the currently batless softball club

6. The beginnings of the AU Bald Eagle Aviary

7. Loose affiliation of untrustworthy tree limbs that may fall on someone at any time

8. Log flume ride for Artemas Ward Day

9. Sustainable earth-conscious acid-free recyclable hippie-friendly pencils to sell at the new Pura Vida in the Tavern

10. Hundreds of clogs to make Relay For Life a little more interesting

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