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Late summer releases to get the semester started

VHS or Beta "Bring on the Comets" (Astralwerks) Grade: A- Sounds like: A harmless dance-rock record that wants to be a party playlist anchor. The beginning bars of the title track sound like the credits from one of those not-quite Brat Pack movies always aired on Comedy Central.


Practice earns reward for Sitar Center

Passing students saw it in Mary Graydon last Thursday and Friday. Many people's reaction to the giant cube was similar to Spencer Siegal's. "What's going on?" Siegal, a freshman in the School of Public Affairs, asked. Lucie Jaronowski, president of the Spinoza Practice Club and a freshman in SPA, explained that the reason a woman was playing the cello in a large, partly transparent cube was to raise money for a good cause.


Katzen art exhibit goes global

AU's Katzen Art Museum recently opened eight exhibitions that showcase different corners of the visual art world. The first four, "Gifts from the Katherine Dreier Estate;" "William H. Calfee and the Washington Modernists;" "Carlos Saura: Flamenco" and "Mark Cameron Boyd: Logocentric Playground," opened on Nov.


Tenacious D biopic stretches truth for laughs

The plot of "Tenacious D: The Pick of Destiny" is simple and fans will see this movie for one reason: it's for "the D." Those in the know expect a number of things from Tenacious D: crude sexual humor, over the top Rock enthusiasm, trying to write the perfect song, Betties (women), drugs and Satan.


Design specialists talk about graphics in sports

On the Feb. 28, Washington's branch of the American Institute of Graphic Arts, or AIGADC, held an event called "Good Design is Smart Sports Business." Sponsored by America Online and Neehan Paper, and held at the decadent Carnegie Institution in Dupont Circle, the event showcased two prominent figures in the world of sports design - Todd Raydum, a freelance sports logo designer, and Marcus Stevens, creative director of Under Armour, Inc.


Local comic store caters to new crowd

Around the corner from Best Buy and the Container Store is an easily missed Tenleytown treasure: Fantom Comics. Last November, owner and sole employee Matt Klokel opened the store to work for himself. "I had a good job, and I had a good boss, and I still wanted to work for myself, so I made a business plan and did it," Klokel says.

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