Staff editorial: Board: do the right thing

The Board of Trustees should be commended for acknowledging their negligence in the entire Ladner saga, and for being proactive in seeking solutions.

With that said, we still feel the "golden parachute" of a severance package President Ladner would receive is excessive. It would be double his normal pay, which is still higher than most university presidents across the nation.

Now that we have seen reform enacted at the Board level, it is time for reform to come from President Ladner himself. In order to spare the university any further shellacking in the nationwide press, and for the good current students, Ladner should resign. It would be the best thing he has done for the university as of late.

Once this entire affair is behind the univeristy, donors should not hold back on contributing to American. Our school relies heavily on them, and has benefitted recently from their generosity. The university is bigger than any one man, and we hope the alumni will show solidarity with current students, and help fund a better AU.

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