Police blotter

Thursday, Sept. 23

A fire alarm was activated in Anderson Hall. After finding no signs of fire, Public Safety determined malicious intent to be the cause of the alarm.

Students were observed with open alcohol containers in a car in the Centennial garage. The students were reprimanded, the alcohol was confiscated and a report was filed.

An AU vehicle backed into a privately owned vehicle while around in the Katzen Arts Center driveway. No people were injured, and a report was filed.

An AU staff member reported that his personal vehicle was damaged in the Hamilton Parking Lot.

An employee reported a water leak in the computer lab in Federal Hall. Aramark was called in, and the lab was cleaned.

An officer made contact with a student urinating in the bed of flowers beside the entrance to Anderson Hall.

Saturday, Sept. 24

A student reported that her ex-boyfriend arrived at McDowell Hall, where she lives, and proceeded to stalk and harass her. The individual was barred from campus.

A credit card, debit card, and $5 in cash were stolen from the women's locker room in the Jacob's Fitness Center.

A shuttle employee reported that a gas card used for refueling the buses was stolen. A report was filed and the account was restricted.

Sunday, Sept. 25

A student was reportedly waving a baton at other students in front of Congressional Hall. The student was sent to his room.

A student reported that his wallet was stolen out of his pocket while he was off campus. A report was filed with the Metro Police Department.

An AU staff member reported that the event she was hosting in Ward 2 was being disrupted by the event being hosted in Ward. An officer responded and was able to negotiate a compromise with both groups.

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