Police Blotter: Jan. 23-26

Sunday, Jan. 23

Disorderly conduct was reported inside Centennial Hall. A resident assistant requested help with three males who were acting inappropriately. The individuals had alcohol in their possession and were in a room without the room's resident.

Monday, Jan. 24

Physical Plant reported to Public Safety the presence of graffiti in an elevator at Bender Library. A drawing of a nude female had been carved into the elevator.

A female athlete required a hospital transport from the Sports Center basketball courts after she fell facedown on the court while running sprints. She was transported to Sibley Hospital.

A female student reported vehicle damage in the Nebraska Parking Lot. She reported to have parked her car in the Nebraska Lot and couldn't explain where she had parked. The vehicle was moved, and the act was not on surveillance video.

Tuesday, Jan. 25

A staff member reported lost property inside Hughes Hall. The staff member lost a classroom key. It has not been recovered, and Physical Plant will change the lock.

Wednesday, Jan. 26

A female student required a hospital transport from Letts Hall. A female student appeared to have a seizure inside a bathroom, fell and suffered bruising. The student was transported to Sibley Hospital.

A male student reported a bike theft from Hurst Hall. A male student secured his bike outside of the building, and when he returned the bike was missing.

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