Our take: Advice for SC winners

The majority of the Student Confederation elections have now been decided, and every candidate that won was endorsed by The Eagle. With the SC presidential elections now in a runoff between Polson Kanneth and "Big Steve" Gilbert, The Eagle would like to reiterate its support for Kanneth. He is a dedicated president of Leonard Hall who is always full of enthusiasm. Not to mention, he has had plenty of experience with AU politics. Don't get us wrong, Gilbert is a fun guy who seems to ooze charm. However, if he would like to be SC president, he needs more experience in student politics.

With the final results to be announced Thursday evening, The Eagle would like to encourage the winning candidate to keep his promises. Trust us, it's better to get rid of the usual political stereotype of never keeping promises. If your promises include better parking or a more spirited AU, you'd better stick to them.

Also, it is extremely important to stay connected with students. Your surroundings do not end beyond the second floor of Mary Graydon Center. Walk down those stairs and venture into a new world. Pick up a Jamba Juice or some Chick-fil-A and chat with other students who are waiting in the same neverending line as you. By staying better connected with AU, you will find out what's really bothering students or what really makes them happy.

Most of all, don't come in with tunnelvision for your own agenda. Learn from outgoing officials, because they will have the most experience and can teach you the secrets to success.

To the candidates who did not make the runoff election, don't get discouraged. AU has a club or organization for virtually every personality on campus, so stay involved. Your hard work and dedication means a lot in the long run.

To students, give the winners a chance. Like any new job, it's going to take a while for them to become adjusted. If you need advice or help on anything, go talk to the winning candidates. Most likely, they would love to hear from students, as their job is to serve the AU student body.

Always remember, the bottom line is: Don't go to London!

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