Student Reaction

Thursday Debate

"Considering how many undergrads live on campus, not allowing us to smoke even outside of the dorms is essentially stopping us from smoking in our own home."

-Tina Stanton is a sophomore in SPA/CAS.

"As a non-smoker, I like the new regulations on smoking. The less people that get into a bad habit like smoking the better. I do understand how it would be frustrating and an inconvenience to be of legal age to smoke and not be able to purchase or smoke cigarettes at your own residence."

-Matt Innes is a senior in SIS.

"As an asthmatic I support the University's policy preventing students from smoking inside the dorms. However, I am against the one preventing students from [smoking] in front of the dorms."

-Frantz Celestin is a graduate student in SIS.

"While the attempt at improving campus health and atmosphere is admirable, the University is flushing away a major profit through Eagles' Nest sales and infringing upon the rights of at least 40 percent of the campus community who smokes. AU's ends do not justify the means."

-Nick Gusnovich is a junior in SPA.

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