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Mozart's 'flute' plays magical tune

The Washington National Opera brings to D.C. the whimsical yet wise "The Magic Flute" - Mozart's fairy-tail singspiel of a prince, a princess, a wizard, magic, color, coloratura, parable, allegory and oh yes, beautiful music. "The Magic Flute" is a timeless yet esoteric opera about a prince (Tamino) and a feathered bird-catcher (Papageno) who are recruited by a queen to rescue her princess daughter (Pamina) from the wizard Sarastro.


World weighs in on education

A panel of international experts who spoke at the event "America's Presidential Election: The View from Abroad," all concluded that while the majority of the world supports Sen. John Kerry for president, that support is very "complex and nuanced." Marvin Kalb, a host for America Abroad Media Radio, and WAMU's Kojo Nnamdi led the discussion, which was broadcast Wednesday on WAMU 88.


U.S. health care system costs, access and quality discussed

AU's Center for Congressional and Presidential Studies, the International Institute for Health Promotion and K. J. Lee hosted The Second Bipartisan Presidential Healthcare Solutions Summit on Monday. One of the discussions at the summit, "Current Problems with the U.S. and Healthcare System: Access, Cost, Financing and Quality," looked at the current issues of the health care system and its effect on millions of U.S. citizens.

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