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Film: 'Welcome to Mooseport'

Donald Petrie's biggest mistake of his career was trusting Ray Romano's ability to act. Nobody wants to see "Everybody Loves Raymond" any more than they have to, especially not for today's astronomical ticket prices. Petrie's skill as a director has shown through on numerous occasions with films like "Grumpy Old Men" (1993) and "How to Love a Guy in Ten Days" (2003), but he fails miserably in "Welcome to Mooseport."


Film review: "Miracle"

At the close of the 1970s, the Cold War raged as the USSR reached the pinnacle of its military power, while half a world away, young American teenagers discovered the joys of Atari. The threat of Soviet domination became increasingly present and the United States searched frantically for some bragging rights in the form of, well, a miracle. What can they turn to for such a hope? After they tried acid-washed jeans, hockey came in at a close second.


Murray wanders off track in 'Lost'

Coming off of a three-month binge of explosions, death, destruction and mayhem, it is refreshing to see that some directors choose to step away from overbearing eye-pleasers into the light of good cinematography.

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