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Summer CD mixes

With summer on our doorstep, it's pretty safe to say that you'll be hearing a lot of stereos blasting the soundtrack of the season for the next few months. Well, you're in luck. The Eagle is here to give you advice on some of the best summer songs to make your time away from AU a little bit more rewarding.


Stellastar* shines light on retro-punk

When sifting through the hipster bands of late, Stellastarr* stands out among the competition. While bassist Amanda Tannen said they like to write and play "melody-driven pop songs," the musical integrity inherent in their work leads critics to describe them as art rock, new wave or noise pop.


Music: Brit rockers unleash 'Cast of Thousands'

There are some Anglophiles, like yours truly, who feel that Radiohead's "OK Computer" should be mass-mailed to every American. Others find it too eccentric, preferring to stick to more Brit-rock artists like Oasis and early Blur. However, in recent years, new British groups have culled from both styles to create a sort of "dream-pop indie" genre, with Elbow's sophomore release "Cast of Thousands" fitting neatly into the lot.

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