Rachel Beamer



"Vagina Monologues" visits AU for V Day

Speaking your mind can begin with your body - or your vagina, as one playwright has proved. With the three upcoming performances of Eve Ensler's play, "The Vagina Monologues," AU women will have the chance to say it all. On Feb. 14, AU Choice USA, a chapter of the national pro-choice organization, along with the V-Day College Initiative Project, will sponsor three showings of the hit play on campus.


Davenport to remain autonomous

The Davenport Coffee Lounge in the School of International Service building will reopen next week and remain exclusively student-run, in spite of recent talks of restructuring, Provost Cornelius Kerwin said. When the building was closed for renovation this summer, there were some regulatory issues in regards to serving food, and the University considered having Marriott run the shop.


DPA seeks new audiences

AU's Experimental Theatre is an unassuming building. Many students sit in economics or history classes in the Butler Instructional Center completely unaware that theater majors are leaping, lunging and singing right above their heads. Despite its location, however, the theater will see plenty of foot traffic this season, from patrons and performers alike.

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