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Our Very Own Factory of Privilege

What sets AU apart from other top liberal arts universities around the country? I'm not talking about our academic programs, our professors, our extracurricular offerings or even our status as a national arboretum. As important as those traits may be, the meat and potatoes of one's experience here rests on the composition of the student body.


Mind of a Killer, Mindset of a Nation

Given the weight of the tragedy at Virginia Tech that is upon us, as well as the fact that this will be my final article for this newspaper, I am at a loss for words. All of the talking heads, the pundits and the commentators have left me without much to say because they are talking all of our heads off dissecting this situation.


The Wrong Side of History

There are certain issues and stances on which we look back and wonder, "How the hell could people have ever felt this way?" From the big, scary phenomena such as slavery and genocide, on down to lesser concepts such as the denial of suffrage for women and African Americans and Prohibition, we wonder how society, as a collective, could have ever deemed such practices to be feasible and just.


It's Official: Hip-Hop is Dead.

I am falling out of love with hip-hop. The music that colored my childhood, informed an element of my surroundings and socialized me to a great deal has now come to represent a force too destructive for my collaboration. I can no longer co-sign on its bottom line.


A Little Less Conversation, A Little More Action

Now I know a little bit about how John Kerry might feel. The near victor in 2004, swift-boated and flip-flopped out of the few thousand votes necessary to win the presidency, seemed almost resurgent and among one of the leading contenders for 2008 until "the joke.


Of Dixie Chicks and Democrats

Has anyone else noticed how the fortunes of the Dixie Chicks and the Democrats seem to have been strangely intertwined? It's a virtual parallel. The Dixie Chicks emerged in the early '90s with a new lead singer and experienced nearly a decade of solid stardom.


Why we need to resurrect "class"

In my class American Political Thought, Professor Sykes mentioned that a poll was taken about American political discourse to survey which political words we, as a people, tend to shy away from and just avoid utilizing. The top ranked phrase was "the state.


The Dream, If We Can Keep It

I had the privilege this past summer of taking a trip out to the Left Coast. My journey to Vancouver put me back in touch with a Canadian friend who studies political theory at the University of Victoria. She's on track to become a world-renowned professor and theorist, so I take her opinion with much more than a grain of salt.


For College Students, Debt Hits Hard

The American dream is a bitter lie for thousands of students across our country today. Since 2000, the average cost of attending four-year public college has increased over 40 percent. Yet earlier this year, Congress cut $12 billion in student aid (enough to send 230,000 students to college for four years), allowed student loan rates to spike and refused to raise Pell Grants.


Now there's work to do

Tuesday night was a resounding rebuke for the Bush administration, the former Republican majority in Congress and their disastrous policies at home and abroad. Democrats should remember, though, that their victory was both a delicate and negative one. They did not dazzle the American people with an array of programs and initiatives (and frankly they never do) to the point that it caused this overwhelming shift in power.

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