Michelle Lee



Sunny Day Real Estate

Before addressing Sunny Day Real Estate's newest creation, let's take a moment to speculate. Why is the band's fourth album titled "The Rising Tide?" Is it a homage to the mystery and sublime nature of the ocean - which, using one' s imagination, could be a metaphor for love, one of frontman Jeremy Enigh's favorite subjects? Is it a veiled reference to the sad state of problems in the world, which Enigh also addresses in his songs? Or does it just allude to the odd fashion of the emo music scene (in which Sunny Day Real Estate is popular), where high-water pants are all the rage? Perhaps the first two speculations are correct, but the third is doubtful - Sunny Day's melancholy music doesn't leave much room for humor, and "The Rising Tide" is its most despondent album yet.

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