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Spread Eagle lampoons campus

The Spread Eagle, an independent fake-news publication in the spirit of The Onion, brought AU an eye for comedy this semester. The idea came to editor Frederik Fran Jenkins "in a dream as she sat beneath the Sphinx," according to Greg Wipf, SE vice editor.


'Veronica's' truth shines on screen

Courage and a passion for truth can cost a lot. For Veronica Guerin (Kate Blanchett), a witty Dublin journalist, the price was her life. "Veronica Guerin," the film, poignantly memorializes its courageous title character's battle against Dublin's drug pushers in the mid-1990s.


Used bookstores provide good reads, good deals for DC communities

The neglected, the orphaned and the relics often find relief on the shelves of the District's used bookstores. Here these wearied travelers, whether sloppily sprawled on the racks of Capitol Hill Books or ensconced in a glass case at Bartelby's, blend in while lending their own character to each shop's unique air.


'Dopamine' gives a realistic high

A computer programmer and a teacher explore the chemical aspects of falling in love in this delightfully un-Disney romance. John Livingston and Sabrina Llyod star in this movie, which hits theaters today.


Small, magnetic cast powers 'Proof'

The crazy man doesn't know he's crazy. In the fight against lunacy, the little currency he has is the faith of others in his sanity in the award-winning play "Proof." For the past few years, 25-year-old Catherine (Keira Naughton) has cared for her unstable father Robert (Michael Rudko), a brilliant former mathematics professor at the University of Chicago.


A water-free way to pee

In the men's rooms of the Ward Circle Building and Mary Graydon Center, the skeletal remains of once-flowing water pipes suggest the need for an "out of order" sign. Curious students approach these water-free urinals with skepticism.

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