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The Chinatown Express

The competition of the bus lines that run along the East Coast between the Chinatowns in D.C. and New York is fierce and keeps heating up. Rumors and stories abound of AU students who have taken the Chinatown buses and had more than a few problems. Freshman Sunny Shin has good and bad experiences using the "Chinatown Express" bus.


AU clubs spark drive for voters

With the Democratic Presidential primaries heating up around the nation, some student organizations are taking steps to encourage their classmates to register to vote and obtain an absentee ballot. "Generally, about two months prior to an election you'll have to contact your home state about registering," said College Republicans President Ibbie Hedrick.


Foreign sites offer book-buying alternatives

With the new semester approaching, one of the most dreaded rituals of college, buying textbooks, is imminent. While Web sites such as and are popular places to buy inexpensive books, a new, cheaper substitute is emerging as students find that foreign retailers also sell textbooks for lower prices.


Rally rages downtown

Throngs of protesters gathered Saturday to express their opinions on current military action in Iraq at the anti-war rally Saturday on the National Mall.


Federal financial aid faces an uncertain future

Many students' financial aid packages are in question for the upcoming school year, as legislators struggle to find enough funds to sustain the federal Pell Grant program. Based on financial need, and expected family contribution, these grants provide low-income families with up to $4,000 per year for tuition, according to Brian Lee Sang, AU's director of Financial Aid.


Production glitch halts sale of SmarTrip cards

For the rest of September, the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority has halted all sales of SmarTrip Cards, the reusable plastic fare cards, because of a product defect. "We get the cards in increments of 25,000, and the last batch we received, we discovered had serial numbers that matched cards that were already in service," Metro spokesman Steven Taub said.

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