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Campus rivalry on the north and south

Vietnam, Korea and the U.S. Civil War stand as reminders of how embracing geographic identity has built community while polarizing parties into conflict. While AU does not have a Berlin Wall or a Mason-Dixie line to call its own, there is nonetheless a chasm on campus that can simultaneously stir up passions and build community, and that is the Northside-Southside divide.


Getting internships is on everyone's to do list in D.C.

Some schools are known for their parties and their school spirit while others for their money-generating sports programs, but one the defining characteristics of AU is the large number of students who intern or are involved in co-op work. According to internship advisor Marie Spaulding, 75 to 80 percent of undergraduate students and 49 percent of graduate students report that they have done at least one co-op or internship while at AU.


Financial aid funds, merit and need, limited at AU

Some students are complaining about insufficient financial aid and the high cost of a college education, which is determined by both the Federal government and AU. "I don't think that I got the financial aid package I deserved," sophomore Robyn Foreman said.

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