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Band suits up on concert DVD

Concert films are, by their nature, a tough sell for the mainstream. For a band to produce one, it must have the mass appeal a concert film demands. Otherwise, it'll end up on the discount shelf at Best Buy next to the $5.99 Kiss retrospect. And above all, it has to be interesting.


Folk-punker Bragg promotes peace

There was a moment during British folk-punk troubadour Billy Bragg's Monday night encore at the Birchmere when all his previous informed political statements and insights into love culminated with belting "Hey! Hey! Hey!" from "Richard," track three on his 1984 debut album "Life's a Riot with Spy vs.


Iron & Wine team with Calexico, sell out 9:30 Club

When we last left Iron & Wine, it had just finished a sparse acoustic set in Dublin, Ireland ("Iron & Wine subdue Dublin," Nov. 8, 2004). In the year since then, Iron & Wine - brainchild of native Floridian Sam Beam - covered that ubiquitous Postal Service song "Such Great Heights," which was subsequently used in the "Garden State" soundtrack and an M&Ms commercial, and teamed up with eclectic Arizona collective Calexico - say that 10 times fast - for "In the Reigns," a five-song EP.


Kids 'from Mars' party like it's '1977'

Any band that can count both Dave Grohl and his mom among they fans must have major crossover appeal. That holds true for veteran Irish rockers Ash, except when it comes to crossing over oceans. Ash, around since the early '90s, have consistently delivered fresh and solid material, yet have not become U.


SIS students dance the night away at black-tie event

Graduate student Will Owens, 25, and his girlfriend, Am? Brewster, 25, revel at the Graduate Council's Masquerade Ball Friday night at the National Press Club. More than 200 students enjoyed an hors d'oeuvres buffet, including dim sun, quesadillas and phyllo dough with goat's cheese.


Bush proposes domestic sweeps

Congress needs to act now and reform Social Security to ensure its existence for younger Americans, President George W. Bush said last night in his State of the Union address. This is Bush's first address since Sept. 11 that focused primarily on domestic issues.


Fate of Social Security in sharp dispute

Republicans say Democrats want to apply Band-Aids to a lethal wound while Democrats say Republicans want to perform brain surgery for a headache. The ailment they're talking about is the draining of Social Security funds - an issue that both parties agree needs to be changed.


AU ranks No. 12 in '04 Peace Corps alums

AU inched up a spot over last year to No. 12 in a national ranking of colleges and universities whose alumni joined the Peace Corps. AU holds this position in the medium-sized colleges and universities category, which includes schools with an undergraduate enrollment between 5,001 and 15,000.


Sports saves alum from harm in Sri Lanka

An extended cricket match may have saved the life of Saji Prelis. Prelis, program coordinator for the School of International Service's Peacebuilding and Development Institute, was visiting friends and family in his native Sri Lanka on Dec. 26 when tsunami waves rushed ashore, destroying entire villages and carrying away both people and possessions.


Iron & Wine subdues Dublin

DUBLIN - The fairly lengthy beard of Iron & Wine - stage name for Florida native Sam Beam - is deceiving. It adds a good 15 years to his thin, early-30-something frame, but also compliments and reinforces his nearly tangible imagery and wise-beyond-his-years lyrics.

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