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Chinese actions in Africa ought to worry us

In mid-March of 2004, the government of Angola was preparing to welcome a cohort of foreign dignitaries. Government officials deeply desired to impress their guests. After all, the ambassadors they were welcoming had just provided Angola with a $2 billion loan. In a world that has all but forgotten the African continent, foreign investment is especially appreciated by the few nations that receive it.


Pendulum swings back in GOP’s favor

In 2001, Republicans were on an electoral high. After crafting a shrewd GOP victory in both the presidential and legislative elections, Karl Rove made the now infamous promise of delivering a permanent Republican majority. Had someone reminded Rove of Albert Einstein’s description of politics as a swinging pendulum, he might have tempered his guarantee. Sure enough, a mere five years later, Democrats overtook both the House and the Senate.


Alex Rodriguez gives me indigestion. Still, I appreciate his honesty.

As a Phillies fan, I get indigestion from Alex Rodriguez. Throughout this World Series, I have reached for a Tums every time he steps to the plate. He ruined my Halloween weekend by dismantling Philadelphia’s comeback in Game 4. Regardless of the Fall Classic’s outcome, the Yankees owe much of their success to Alex Rodriguez.


Will primetime TV news lose all of its objectivity?

Remember when MTV actually played music? Of course we don’t. That’s an obscure moment in time that few at AU could even imagine — think early 1980s. Now, 15-second splices of music videos in between “The Hills” and “Jackass” programming blocks suffice as “Music Television.”


An Olympic win would have hurt President Obama

As if President Obama’s opponents didn’t have enough ammunition. Three days ago, despite the president’s passionate support, the International Olympic Committee out-rightly rejected Chicago’s bid for the 2016 Olympics. The Windy City failed to clear even the first round of voting.


Opinion polls lead politicians astray

The nation's economy has little chance of a recovery. That is, according to a recent FOX News article published last week. Citing numerous statistics, FOX News paints a dire picture for the United States, concluding that "the worst is yet to come." This information is enough to make even a seasoned economist frantically retract into the fetal position.

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