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Trying to live like a prophet

Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic lunar calendar and the third of the five Islamic pillars of faith. During Ramadan, Khalidi, along with Muslims throughout the world, refrains from eating, drinking, smoking, speaking negatively of others or engaging in sexual activities while the sun is up.


Cigarettes and health: Tips to quit

Media-savvy preventative and educational campaigns such as Truth try to raise important questions about tobacco use, especially among college-aged smokers. Specifically, why is smoking so addictive, what is its appeal and how can people quit?


Cigarettes and health: tips to quit

Exactly 1,200 young people wearing white T-shirts and blue jeans pour out of buses, stand in front of an imposing skyscraper, then collapse onto the pavement. This is the number of people who die every day from a smoking-related condition. This is the latest television ad for the Truth Anti-Smoking campaign, a series of short, sometimes controversial media spots aimed at teenagers and young adults.


Honors calls for Cowles

Cardboard boxes, cat decorations and colorful children's artwork greet visitors to the office of Maria Green Cowles, the new associate director of the University Honors Program. Cowles replaces John Shosky in the position.

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