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Music Review: The Figgs

In the wake of grunge rock's roaring rhythm guitars and heavy bass, a deluge of rock and roll bands that combine all types of music have gained in popularity. Blending the influences of American and English punk, country, even 70's glam rock and disco, small bands offer a wide variety for those looking past the chart-toppers of the major label bands.


Film Review: City Slickers II

"City Slickers II: The Legend of Curly's Gold" repackages the Western adventure as a cure for the mid-life crises of Mitch (Billy Crystal) and Phil (Daniel Stern). Either Ed (Bruno Kirby) found a new vacation-type catharsis for his yuppie-dom, or the rumors of tension between Kirby and Crystal are more than rumors, because Kirby is replaced by John Lovitz, stiff at first, as Mitch's brother.


Levellers fight censorship

Politics has rotated around the rock 'n' roll music world since Elvis' pelvis was first censored by the Ed Sullivan Show. Through the "Make Love, Not War" slogans of the Hippies, to the shocking and politically-inspired lyrics of the Clash and Jello Biafra, Rock 'n' Roll has often taken up both cause and controversy.


Music Review: "The Crow" Soundtrack

The music of "The Crow" is so interwoven with the film that it is much more than the normal filler between dialogue. In an interview two-and-a-half years ago, Mark Knopfler of Dire Straits said he disliked soundtrack work because the music often became trapped by the sounds and circumstances of the film.

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