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'Dream' of laughing at love

Under the protection of the dark shadows of the trees, mischief and love occur. And so goes William Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream," directed by Mark Lamos and produced by The Shakespeare Theatre of Washington.


D.C. ranked highly

Home to nearly 260,000 undergraduate students at 10 colleges, D.C. has been ranked No. 2, behind Boston, as one of the best large cities for college students.


Curing the voting booth blues

Young people are not taking an active role in politics today, and students and a panel of notable guests discussed why at Tuesday night's American Forum, entitled "The Great Disconnect: Why Young People Don't Vote."


'Casa de los Babys' drama of adoption

"Casa de los Babys" is a political and emotional drama that chronicles the story of six American women from different backgrounds and principles, with one thing in common: each has found her way to South America to adopt a baby. The circumstances of their stay create a dynamic that is certain to create competition, questioned confidence, and that thing women are known best for, bonding.


All-star cast delivers in 'Masked'

In a war-torn country somewhere between here and way over there, where the climate is not quite hot, yet not quite cold, there is a revolt brewing, full of rebels, counter-rebels and anti-counter-rebels galore. It is a place where everyone drinks hard liquor and Mexican beer.

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