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Students balance military service and education

More than five percent of U.S. university graduates in 2004 were either veterans, on active duty or in the reserves of the U.S. military, according to statistics from the Department of Education. These students' experiences - from combat zones to training exercises - set them apart from their university peers in the life skills they have, the adjustment to college they make and in the way they view the world.


Online exclusive: Former Dean supporters reorganize

"Say it loud. I'm the grassroots and I'm proud!" The Deaniacs are chanting for a new cause - Democracy for America. Last month, former Democratic presidential candidate Howard Dean announced the formation of a group aimed at defeating President Bush and "taking back our country."


FCC combats piracy

Those who copy digital television shows may find it difficult to redistribute these copies because of an order passed by the Federal Communications Commission. The order, passed Nov. 4, requires all products that can receive a digital signal to include "broadcast flag technology" by July 2005.


AU course to investigate 'whiteness'

Courses in African-American, Asian, Latino and women's studies are taught every day in colleges across the country. If a current trend continues in social science departments, a new discipline, "Whiteness Studies," could be added to that list. There are currently more than 30 institutions teaching courses that focus on the white race, and next semester AU will be one of them.


AmeriCorps director looks ahead

"It's been a hard year," Rosie Mauk said. While those listening to her speech Tuesday night laughed at her understatement, Mauk wasn't kidding. Co-sponsored by the Women and Politics Institute and the Kennedy Political Union, Mauk spoke to AU students and faculty about the importance of volunteerism.


N Rosie Mauk - KFS

AmeriCorps director Rosie Mauk spoke at AU Tuesday night and said that the federally funded program's financial future appears to be safe.


Metrorail plans expansion

Future AU students may find it easier to fly out of Dulles International Airport, if final approval is granted and funding is secured for an extension of the Metro rail system. The Virginia Department of Rail and Public Transportation, in cooperation with the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority, is undertaking the construction of a 23-mile transit system that would extend service beyond the airport, into Loudoun County, Va.


AmeriCorps funds trimmed

Service organizations across the country and in the D.C. area could be in jeopardy because of funding cuts to a federal program called AmeriCorps. AmeriCorps is a network to recruit people to provide public service through nonprofits, public agencies and faith-based organizations.

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