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HIV testing times expanded

The free HIV testing program on campus, which is part of a citywide HIV testing initiative, has become more accommodating to students' schedules, according to Student Health Center Director Daniel Bruey. This year, HIV tests can be performed at any time during health center hours, Bruey said.


Comm agency awards Catalyst for excellence

Catalyst, AU's student-run science magazine, won an award for publication excellence from Communications Concepts Inc., a Virginia-based communications advising firm. The biannual magazine was one of 35 publications to win an award of excellence in the category for magazines and journals under 32 pages.


SG passes legislation to improve Health Center

The AU Student Government passed legislation Sunday that aims to promote student awareness of Student Health Center patient rights, according to SG Senator Julie Mills, a co-sponsor of the legislation. The bill would allow students to request specific doctors when they make appointments, speak with the Health Center Director and make suggestions about Health Center practices, according to Mill.


College debt increasing

College alumni who owe more than $20,000 in student loans make up the fastest-growing group of indebted "20-something" Americans, according to credit-reporting agency Experian. Between 2001 and 2006, average student loan debt rose 16 percent to $14,379, according to the Experian report.


Media outlets may help voters lean left, panelists say

The rapid spread of political slip-ups through outlets like YouTube and Internet news sites may account for the Democrats' win in the midterm elections, according to panelists at Tuesday's American Forum, "The Midterms and the Media." Republican bungles like George Allen's now-infamous "macaca" comment and Rush Limbaugh's attack on Michael J.


Teleservice jobs provide flexibility

More students are contracting as independent telephone service agents, according to LiveOps, a teleservice made up entirely of work-at-home employees. Students can work from their dorms or apartments taking orders for national pizza chains, conducting political polls and doing similar phone-based work, said Elizabeth Gordon, a LiveOps spokeswoman.


WCL grant enables human rights work abroad

The Washington College of Law launched its Freedom of Expression Program Wednesday night, officially announcing the acceptance of a $77,000 grant from the National Endowment for Democracy to fund a program focusing on "freedom of expression" cases in North and South America.


Number of foreign students in U.S. falls

The United States may soon lose its place as the top destination for international students, according to a report released Tuesday by the American Council on Education. Though U.S. universities still have the largest international student enrollment, some European and Asian countries are beating the United States in percentage growth of enrollment.


Drug use may limit aid

A rising number of marijuana arrests in the U.S. may put marijuana-using students at greater risk of being denied financial aid, according to the non-profit Students for Sensible Drug Policy, but many AU students do not know about the legal provision which mandates this.


Professor addresses intentions behind new Facebook

New Facebook features have been designed to increase the Web site's sale potential for the future rather than to improve student communication, said language and foreign studies professor Naomi Baron at an Honors Tea Talk Tuesday evening. Despite Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg's claims that Facebook is "a social utility that connects you with the people around you," according to the Web site, Baron said Zuckerberg's implementation of new features such as the Newsfeed and Mini-feed, as well as his decision to make Facebook available to non-students, only point to one concern - making a profit.

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