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Fashion capstone proves perfect fit

Many athletes, singers, dancers, musicians and performers only seek the thrill of the extracurricular activity and not the glory that comes with the major or minor. However, Nina Mahi Zadrozny-Pereira, a senior majoring in psychology and minoring in math and theatre, has turned her pasttime into what she hopes is a full-time future in fashion design.


Brand names: The quest for a status symbol

In 2000, logomania set its sights on the world of fashion once again. The trend of displaying designer logos on one's clothing, shoes and handbags has surged since, reaching a new all-time high. Not since the 1980s has there been such a logo-obsessed society that seems not to mind being walking billboards.


Men in the fashion world: Dapper is as dapper does

Throughout history, women may have been credited for sparking trends, but it's typically men who are the driving force behind the designs. Major fashion houses such as Louis Vuitton, Fendi, Chanel, Burberry, Dior, Gucci and countless others are currently headed by men. So it's baffling why the average man is not targeted more in terms of fashion advertisements and magazines.


Vanity meets vogue in fashion magazines

One trend that these high-end fashion magazines do not take into account is that most of their readers are not the high society wives of overpaid husbands or independently wealthy heiresses, but typical college students who would love nothing more than to actually be able to afford the clothing and accessories pictured.


Walking the line between trendy and affordable

College is expensive enough without the added cost of having to get dressed for it. Not everyone deems it necessary to buy overpriced clothing and shoes in the vain attempt to appear "posh." Yet many with limited financial resources still want to look just as stylish as their lavish looking classmates.


E-bay = easy way?

In today's technologically advanced world, people don't need to resort only to malls for gift-buying. With a poor economy dragging along and traditions to uphold, many are turning to the Internet's bargains to fulfill people's wish lists, with eBay being one of the major sites visited.


A Cut Above the Rest

Depending on who you ask, the Mohawk has never lost its edge. Popularized by London's Kings Road in the late 1970s, and then by Mr. T in the early 1980s, today's bearers of the uncouth cut are stereotyped as punks.


Cole creates the same classy styles

When most relationships celebrate their 20th Anniversary, even the most contemporary gift-giver follows in the tradition of giving bone china and platinum to his or her spouse to represent their love. However, Kenneth Cole is not most gift givers. After 20 years of prosperity and ingenuity, Kenneth Cole celebrates by delivering a special collection of clothing, shoes and handbags that remind customers of what the company was founded on: simplicity, style and function.


Boutique tailored to the District

At the intersection of 18th Street and California Avenue, there are a number of small eccentric shops and restaurants that boast uniqueness and individuality. Kaur Three is one of those places.

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