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Top 10 films revitalize cinema

2008's cinematic fare showcased new and old industry voices alike, including breakthrough director Lance Hammer's heartrending, austere "Ballast" and Mike Leigh's drastic leap into comedy with crowd-pleaser "Happy-Go-Lucky." 2008's best films tackled a broad range of subjects with fearless gusto, transporting viewers from independent circuit wrestling rings to the streets of Gotham City.


Experimental, retro folk takes cake in 2008

5. "Midnight Boom" - The Kills Best track: "Tape Song" American vocalist/guitarist Alison Mosshart and British guitarist Jamie Hince have rekindled their vampy antics and stinging instrumentation for their third and most consistent album, "Midnight Boom." Although frequently compared to their blues/garage rock counterparts "The White Stripes," The Kills have taken an experimental step forward, drawing upon their signature minimalism and infusing electronica and eerie erotica.


Smell what Aronofsky's cookin'

Darren Aronofsky's latest film, "The Wrestler," has fearlessly dared to explore a realm of storytelling that no other director has in the history of cinema: the professional wrestling industry. "No one's ever done a wrestling picture before," Aronofsky said during an interview with The Eagle.


Film festival celebrates fifth year

The D.C. Shorts Film Festival, which MovieMaker Magazine recently called "one of the nation's leading short film festivals," has become a premier venue for local and national filmmakers alike. The festival, which is into its fifth year, showcases a broad scope of genres, from animation and experimental work to documentaries and musical trailers.


Adaptations dominate 2008 Oscar season

After a considerable summer lull, the Oscar movie season is heating up. From another Cormac McCarthy adaptation to a George W. Bush biopic, the film lineup promises a full slate of rich cinematic fare. "Happy-Go-Lucky" Directed by: Mike Leigh Starring: Sally Hawkins, Eddie Marsan and Alexis Zegerman Release Date: Oct.


'Kiss' lacks passion, colorful characters

With no job, motivation or - heaven forbid - someone to kiss at midnight on New Year's Eve, self-loathing and struggling writer Wilson is at his wit's end in Alex Holdridge's "In Search of a Midnight Kiss." When Wilson is caught masturbating to a photo-shopped image of his roommate Jacob's girlfriend Min, he realizes it's time to find someone for himself.


A Guide to: D.C. Movie Theatres

Although Washington cannot match Los Angeles or New York's bustling film scene, there is an impressive array of theaters to be found. Whether you're craving a big budget comic book movie with a rambunctious crowd or that somber documentary The New Yorker raved, you're bound to discover your theater niche in D.C.


Silver screen god lights up Silver Spring

In a season plagued with mindless blockbusters, franchise features and sequels upon sequels, the Jean-Luc Godard Film Festival at the Silver Spring, Md.-based American Film Institute Silver Theatre and Cultural Center serves as an alluring alternative. "It is a real retrospective moment for Godard and the other names associated with the French New Wave movement in filmmaking," said Todd Hitchcock, an AFI film programmer.


Review: 'I'm Not There' explores Dylan's many guises

I'm Not There: A Over the past several years, audiences have been bombarded with music bio-epic films, which chronicle the trials and tribulations of iconic musicians. From Jamie Foxx's take on Ray Charles in "Ray" to Reese Witherspoon's portrayal of June Carter in "Walk the Line," roles are chock-full of opportunities for actors and actresses to demonstrate their versatility and deliver histrionic performances that make for excellent Oscar clips.

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