Courtesy of THE TALON


Talon Founders Day Photo

Students celebrate Founders Day and Homecoming throughout the late 1990s. 

1984 Talon Egyptian costume

A 1984 yearbook page shows a man in an Egyptian costume. 

1956 Talon blackface photo

A 1956 Talon photo shows fraternity members in blackface during a parade. 

1953 Talon blackface photo

A man is pictured in blackface in a Talon photograph from 1953. 

1934 Talon effigy

A 1934 image in the Talon shows an effigy hanging from a campus building. 

1965 Talon Native American costume

A 1965 Talon photo shows a woman wearing a Native American headband. 

1965 Talon Native American photo

A 1965 Talon photo depicts a fraternity member in a Native American costume. 

1957 Talon black figure photo

A 1957 photo in the Talon depicts a fraternity with a float featuring a black effigy. 

1958 Talon blackface photo

A 1958 Talon photo depicts a man speaking to an audience in blackface. 

1981 Talon costumes

Photos of a 1981 Halloween party depict a man wearing a Middle Eastern costume. 

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