Bryan Koenig



‘The Crazies’ offers more than cheap thrill

Audiences know exactly what is going to happen before they set foot in the theater and “The Crazies” plans for it. The film wastes no time setting the scene and commencing the mayhem. But it is a slow-moving mayhem that knows when to jump, when to edge in dreadful anticipation and even when to settle into a quiet moment that manages to build suspense for what isn’t going horribly wrong.


McGregor, Polanski perfect every detail of 'Ghost Writer'

Far from his characters in “Moulin Rouge” or, more recently, “The Men Who Stare at Goats” Ewan McGregor plays a nameless spirit in Roman Polanski’s “The Ghost Rider.” The film won over Scene staff, but will critics and viewers see beyond Polanski’s controversial past and recognize his greatness?


'Wolfman' offers more bark than bite

"The Wolfman" is a remake of a classic, but it does not quite reach epic standards, according to Scene staff writer Bryan Koenig. Though some might expect the movie to leave them howling in terror, it actually uses modern computer imaging to create a period piece with a dark side. Koenig gave this fantasy flick a B.


Cast makes ‘Up’ story

George Clooney directed by Jason Reitman (the man who directed “Juno” and “Thank You for Smoking”) is a tough review to write, namely because such a film would, at face value, be superb. Luckily, the reality is that “Up in the Air” is all you could hope for.

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