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Sheen advocates for activism, opposition to war

As "The West Wing" actor and social activist Martin Sheen walked into Bender Arena's Kettler Palmer Lounge to meet with AU media before his Kennedy Political Union speech Monday, he took off his black Ray-Ban sunglasses, smiled and extended his hand to an Eagle reporter.


Ferraro takes on race, gender

Having a female president would empower women, former New York congresswoman and 1984 Democratic vice presidential nominee Geraldine Ferraro said during a speech in the Ward Circle Building Monday night. "I, for one, want to see the empowerment of women leaders throughout the world," Ferraro said.


Kennedy endorses Obama

Barack Obama has the inspirational power and capacity to change America, Sen. Edward Kennedy, D-Mass., said in front of thousands of supporters at a campaign rally for the Illinois senator held in Bender Arena Monday. "In Barack Obama, I see not just the audacity, but the possibility of hope for the America that is yet to be," he said.


Springer mocks, comments on own show

Jerry Springer poked fun at his own show during a Kennedy Political Union-sponsored event last night at the University Club in Mary Graydon Center. "First, I'm sorry for the show," he said. "I can't explain it. I really can't justify the show." The event began with a performance by Mission: Improvable, AU's student-run improvisation group.


Obama touts change, Kennedy legacy at rally

Chants and cheers filled Bender Arena yesterday as Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama took the stage at a campaign rally to call for change and receive support from a key political family. During the rally, Sen. Ted Kennedy, D-Mass., announced he was endorsing Obama.


Grassroot efforts aid in Myanmar movement

Locally led efforts are important to the ongoing struggle for democracy in Myanmar, according to Thelma Young, campaigns coordinator from the U.S. Campaign for Burma at a panel Wednesday night at the Kay Spiritual Life Center. "Most people have no idea about the mass atrocities still happening in Burma," Young said.


Plame discusses betrayal

Former CIA agent Valerie Plame Wilson emphasized the importance of citizen participation in democracy and warned against an overreaching government in a speech Thursday night in the Ward Building. "My story is about our democracy, which is only as strong as the willingness of its citizens to participate," Plame said.


Swastikas found at GW, FBI investigating

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is now looking into a slew of racial drawings that have appeared in residence halls at George Washington University, according to The Hatchet, GW's student newspaper. On Oct. 23, GWU freshman Sarah Marshak, who is Jewish, found a swastika drawn on her whiteboard.

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