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Letter to the editor: Knepper refuses to let his straw man die

Some of your readers may recall a letter that I previously sent to your paper in reply to an Alex Knepper column. In it, I take him to task on the straw man that he sets up, which stated that liberals cared less about victims of bigotry in non-Western countries than about the comparatively less severe discrimination in the West.


Letter to the editor: Conservative columnist Knepper can't help lying

Alex Knepper's recent column on the state of the presidential candidacy shows that even when conservatives are trying to be honest, they're dishonest. Obama's wide-margin lead and inevitable - Knepper's idea, not mine - victory is not due to any smooth-talking, charisma, or race, or even any lack of gravitas on the part of McCain/Palin.


Letter to the editor: Knepper sets up straw man

Columnist Alex Knepper sets up a straw man when he claims that liberals are concerned more with gay marriage in the West than anti-homosexual persecution in other countries such as Iran. He ignores the numerous causes championed by the left long before they were mainstream, such as genocide in Darfur, torture in former Soviet states, and child trafficking in Southeast Asia.

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