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Arrest all in a day’s work for activist

Michael Dranove is a self-described anarchist. “It has nothing to do with chaos — that was some Wilson Red Scare propaganda that seems to have stuck to this day for some reason,” said the freshman in the College of Arts and Sciences who was arrested at the recent “Funk the War: Bad Romance” protest. “[Anarchism] advocates workers’ control over the means of production. [It’s] all about organization and community.”


GOProud ignited debate at conference

At the Conservative Political Action Conference this weekend, controversy about the political group GOProud broke out during one of the conference panels, according to several AU students who attended.


Gay marriage bill may aid D.C. economy

Legalizing gay marriage in D.C. in 2009 would have boosted the local economy $52 million over the course of three years, according to a Williams Institute estimate. Christopher Ramos, research associate at the Williams Institute, a think tank at the University of California Los Angeles School of Law that focuses on sexual orientation law, explained the number of dollars generated in the economy would be lower now, but the D.C. economy would still receive a boost.

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