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Hair today, fro tomorrow

The dreaded D.C. humidity will soon be upon the city, so what are people at AU doing to ensure they won't be walking around like blow-dried poodles? Jabu Salazar, a graduate advisor in the School of Communication, said he changes up his daily regimen to include a special moisturizer from Pantene's line of products made for women of color.


With warmth comes new fashion hassles

Spring is finally here, and in D.C. that's something to talk about. But we'd best enjoy it while we can, because only a few more weeks remain until these idyllic, breezy days turn into a swampy, muggy nightmare. I love summer as much as the next girl, but surviving it in style is a perpetual challenge.


Style evolution surpasses fashion staples

All these years, I thought I had my sense of style all figured out. But after spending spring break shopping with my sister, I realized that there are a few tricks hiding up my own fabulously tailored sleeves. Since high school, I've relied on the classic cuts of Banana Republic and the inexpensive fun of the Gap to keep my wardrobe abundantly stocked.


A few raised degrees doesn't call for shorts and tees

Spring fever definitely hit early this year. Stores like Banana Republic and H&M and lines like Ideology and H Hilfiger rolled out their flip-flops and tanks more than a month ago. While this is somewhat standard operating procedure for the fashion cycle, one of the ramifications for us regular shoppers is the burning desire to ditch our boots, coats and scarves in favor of halters, minis and sandals in a hurry.


Fashion future holds nothing new

Fashion is funny. As evidenced by the recent New York Fashion Week, the world of haute couture is always thinking at least six months ahead. Major designers like Diane von Furstenberg, Michael Kors and Tracy Reese laid out the next big ideas for fall 2005, which include minimalism, texture, graphic prints and neutral colors.


'90s cringe-worthy clothes

Coming of age in the '90s was exciting. I was livin' large with Hammer, "A Different World," the Macarena, "Scream," and my man, Tickle Me Elmo. However, there's one thing about this decade that still gives me the chills - my horrible, horrible clothes. The first half of the '90s were particularly heinous, mainly because I was still in elementary school and my mother helped dress me each day.


Tangled Web of online and last-minute shopping

If you're a normal end-of-the-semester student (aka procrastinator), you probably haven't even thought about holiday shopping yet. But with only about a week until winter break, you don't have much time to knock that shopping list out. Fortunately for you, however, the wonders of technology will allow you to clear your list without ever stepping into a store. If, on the other hand, you like shopping, but can't tear yourself away from your studies, online and last-minute shopping will also be the answer to your holiday prayers.


Checking it twice: What to get for whom on your holiday list

If you haven't even thought about how to attack your monster of a shopping list, have no fear. Here are details on what to look for, where to go and how much you can expect to spend on the family and friends who made your gift list. Also, look for the "SHOP D.C." tag to learn more about those stores that haven't made it to your hometown yet.


Holiday Shopping: You Better Watch Out

At this point in the year, the unholy intersection of holiday shopping and final exams is enough to drive an already stressed-out collegian over the edge. However, with the right advice, a reasonable budget and a few non-school related hours to spare, even you can find the perfect gifts for family, friends, co-workers and pets and still come through with a killer GPA. Here are some tips, rules, suggestions (and secrets!) designed to make your holiday shopping experience less painful and a lot more fun.

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