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Are you wondering what there is to do for fun while at school? AU is located not only in the nation's capital, but very near other fun and exciting places that are easy to get to. You should never want for things to do.


Film Review: "Speed"

As soon as the opening credits have been rolled on the screen, prepare to bite your fingernails and sit on the edge of your seat until you see the closing credits of this film. "Speed" is the exception to every rule that seems to hold when making action movies.


Film Review: "Renaissance Man"

Bill Rago (Danny DeVito) suddendly finds himself unemployed after being fired from his job as an advertising executive, and also finds he can't do anything else. After suffering through the red tape and long lines of the unemployment office, he is finally given a job that he figures he could do: Teach basic comprehension to a group of soldiers at a nearby Army post.

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