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Movie Review: Happy Thank You More Please

The title of “Happythankyoumoreplease” is quite apropos — you will leave the theater grateful and wanting more of its offbeat charm. If you are already groaning at the prospect of yet another contrived indie rom-com à la “500 Days Of Summer” or the movie version of “Friends” or the millennials’ answer to “Singles,” you will find yourself pleasantly surprised.


‘The Adjustment Bureau’ successfully blends romance, sci-fi

Can one outrun one’s fate? “The Adjustment Bureau” answers that question quite literally. Based on the short story “The Adjustment Team,” by sci-fi writer Philip K. Dick, the film is a sci-fi-tinged romance not unlike “Gattaca” or “Code 46” in its ethos, and despite its fairly grave subject matter, it is incredibly entertaining and captivating in its human angle.


Hornby films about a girl

“An Education” is a coming-of-age story set in 1960s London. The screenplay, written by Nick Hornby of “High Fidelity” and “About A Boy” fame, features his trademark clever dialogue and unconventional characters, aiming to inject levity into what could otherwise be the age-old school versus fun movie dilemma.


'October Road' story line lays out predictable path

The coming-back-home-after-a-ridiculously-long-absence has been fertile subject matter for many a sitcom and movie. "October Road" plumbs that paradigm with mixed results - for one, from a plausibility perspective, it's a bit difficult to believe how someone could just "disappear" for 10 years and never call home once while he is off pursuing a writing career built on, naturally, a best-selling novel portraying all his hometown friends in a less-than-flattering fashion.

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