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Opinion: Toxic friends are preventing you from taking full advantage of your college experience

(03/08/20 5:00am)

Toxic friends are an unfortunate part of the college experience. Most friendships should be supportive, leaving a person feeling uplifted and excited for the future, but bad friendships can be draining. Being too close to people who try to keep all the attention on themselves or never accept blame for their mistakes will only take a toll on your mental and emotional health. Here are five signs to look out for when assessing if your friendships are healthy or not.  

Women’s basketball closes out season with a win

(03/05/20 3:40pm)

The American University women’s basketball team defeated Navy (7-23, 2-17 PL) 57-42 in their final game of the regular season in Bender Arena on Wednesday. The Eagles and Midshipmen finished seventh and tenth in the Patriot League standings respectively, meaning that AU will host Navy again on Saturday at 2 p.m. for the first round of the Patriot League tournament.

Staff Editorial: Recent racially-charged incident inspires frustrations that administration must recognize

(03/04/20 5:00am)

A video featuring a former member of Chi Omega saying a racial slur is just another in the string of racially charged incidents that have punctuated AU’s history. Similar situations seem to arise every few months; the administration sends an email with lukewarm sentiments and the AU community dies down till the next time. The University has repeatedly ignored demands for change and proof of accountability, and the question from the student body seems to be, “What now?”