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Opinion: Is AUx accomplishing what the University claims it to?

(04/17/23 1:35pm)

The concept for the American University Experience courses was introduced in 2015, and the first AUx course was implemented into the curriculum for first-year students in 2018. Since 2018, the AUx1 and AUx2 courses have been both criticized and celebrated. However, the courses still leave students wondering if AUx is a class that is worth their time. Is it really accomplishing all that the University claims it does?

Opinion: Accents represent courage and knowledge

(04/14/23 12:34pm)

Although American University is regarded as one of the most liberal colleges in the United States, it can often lack cultural perspective due to its predominantly white student body. I see this lack of perspective in derogatory whispers about professors with Middle Eastern, Central American and African accents. I have had few professors of non-American backgrounds at AU, but those I have had the privilege of taking classes with were extremely knowledgeable. However, they are unfortunately subject to comments about their accents and culture from other students. At AU, multilingual skills and cultural knowledge are seen as barriers instead of being seen as evidence of knowledge and world perspectives beneficial to learning. 

University’s commencement speakers to include Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson, former Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan, Monumental Sports CEO Ted Leonsis

(04/13/23 6:41pm)

American University’s commencement speakers this spring will include high-profile figures with ties to the D.C. region including Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson and former Maryland governor Larry Hogan. 

Letter to the editor: Don’t discount the work of student journalists in protest movements

(04/13/23 12:00pm)

Recently, my friend was updating me on a protest movement at Connecticut College, where she goes to school. To learn more, I turned to the best source: its student media organization, The College Voice. It’s the same thing I did when I was learning about the recent anti-sexual violence movement at Harvard University and the local anti-racist movement at Georgetown University. I texted The College Voice’s managing editor, praising her for its thorough and student-centered coverage. I understand covering these issues can be difficult and complicated, mostly because I’ve made American University’s student journalists’ lives difficult and complicated.