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How AU volleyball plans to make it back to the NCAA tournament

(06/16/17 9:00pm)

Heading into the 2017 volleyball season, AU returns the same core of players which delivered a Patriot League championship last fall and an appearance in the NCAA tournament that ended with a loss to Michigan in the first round. The team only graduates one senior, Julita Kurdziuk, and with the team a year older and more experienced, the Eagles hope to reach greater heights in 2017. Here are four things to watch heading into the season.

Lack of cyber security poses a major threat to human lives

(06/16/17 1:00pm)

Several weeks ago, a ransomware called “WannaCrypt/WannaDecript0r” hit computer systems across the world, affecting 200,000 victims in over 150 countries, according to Rob Wainwright, director of Europol. The malware encrypted patient/client data in computer systems running older Windows operating systems and prevented data from being viewed until a ransom in Bitcoin was paid.

Op-ed: A special thank you to former AU President Kerwin

(06/07/17 1:00pm)

Over the last several decades, a quiet steady hand has left a mark on our idyllic campus in Northwest Washington, guiding the lives of thousands of young people passing through to success and with hopes of achieving the impossible. For ten years now, as our university president, Dr. Neil Kerwin, SPA/BA ’71, has led AU to new heights in its goal to educate, inspire, and through its students and alumni, leave a lasting positive impact not just locally, but globally.AU, now more than ever in its history, is recognized the world over as a top-tier institution. Demand for undergraduate admission has never been greater – nor more selective. The admit rate is almost 20 percent lower than just two years ago. As a testament to American University’s commitment to academic rigor, now just one in four students is admitted.

Public Safety building will be demolished in June

(06/01/17 1:50pm)

The Public Safety building, located on the south end of campus behind Anderson and Letts Halls, will be demolished this month, according to memos released by AU officials. The public safety department began operating out of its new home in the Meyers Technology and Innovation Building on East Campus on May 17, per tweets posted by the department’s official Twitter account. 

Mental illness isn’t romantic

(06/01/17 4:51pm)

Like many other fans, I anxiously awaited Lady Gaga’s latest release, a single titled “The Cure.” The week before I had immersed myself in the melodies of her previous album, “Joanne,” an album that had seen my tears, desperation and ultimate revival after a recent breakup. I thought her new song would bring me into the next stage of healing, yet I was shocked at the emotional regression that the track displayed. While I do not know the intentions behind Lady Gaga’s art or her creative process, I can only speak to how it made me feel and what I think hints at a larger issue.

Where to find athletic wear in D.C.

(06/01/17 4:38pm)

Wearing the proper athletic gear is important when it comes to safe and efficient exercising. Sometimes that means having a lucky pair of running shoes or the right pants that are sure to let your thighs breathe, keeping the sweat down there to a minimum. If you manage to look a little fashionable while doing it, it’s a plus! Whether you’re willing to go all out with the big athletic brands or you are looking for something simple that you can find locally in D.C., we’ve got you covered. Here’s a list of some places to look during your next athletic wear hunt.

Including men in your feminism

(05/27/17 1:05pm)

Since before I can remember, I have been scared of men. I avoid them at grocery stores, preferring to have my groceries scanned by a cranky old woman or an uninterested teenager. I keep my eyes low in elevators, checking and re-checking my phone for messages that are not there. I look behind my shoulder, jumping at my own shadow when I walk home from campus at night.