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District of Cinema Special Episode: Conversations with filmmakers of the Native Cinema Showcase

(11/26/21 7:29pm)

Eagle writers Thais and Audrey interview directors Nuria Frigola Torrent and Christopher Kahunahana about their feature films showcased at the Native Cinema Showcase, hosted by the Museum of the American Indian. Check out the review for Kahunahana's film, "Waikiki" here. Read The Eagle's review of three other featured films at the Native Cinema Showcase here.

‘Clouds, Ice, and Bounty’: In conversation with curator Betsy Wieseman on an exhibition over two decades in the making

(11/04/21 6:54pm)

Tucked into a U-shaped exhibition room in the National Gallery of Art, “Clouds, Ice, and Bounty” transports visitors to a world of rich color and detail. Viewers get a glimpse into the 17th century in the low Northern European countries through paintings that highlight the everyday pleasures of what was a relatively peaceful and optimistic time in history. 

Eight reads for celebrating National Hispanic Heritage Month all year round

(10/22/21 4:15pm)

National Hispanic Heritage month spans from Sept. 15 to Oct. 15 and recognizes the achievements and contributions of the Hispanic community here in the United States. Although National Hispanic Heritage month is over now, one way to support Hispanic-American academics and creators year round is to take the time to pick up a book written by a Hispanic author. Below is a list of eight works of literature written by Hispanic-American/Latino authors, with something for every type of reader to enjoy in any season.