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‘One Life: Maya Lin’ intersects environmentalism and art to expose the intrinsic beauty of nature

(11/16/22 2:05pm)

The National Portrait Gallery’s biographical exhibition “One Life: Maya Lin” is an intimate portrait of the muses and artwork of Maya Lin, who is the first Asian-American to be featured in the “One Life” exhibition. Lin is a renowned architect best known for designing the Vietnam War Memorial and dedicating her career to exploring the relationship between nature and humans.   

Radiating with rapture, Annie DiRusso opens for Declan McKenna at the 9:30 Club

(11/02/22 12:00pm)

In honor of his second album “Zeros,” Declan McKenna returned to the 9:30 Club on Oct. 12 to give a memorable performance with Annie DiRusso opening. A concert infused with the high school nostalgia of McKenna’s debut album, “What Do You Think About the Car?,” DiRusso's hypnotic talent and the booming energy of the crowd, McKenna and DiRusso proved that they are truly defining musicians of Gen Z. 

Death Cab for Cutie possesses the hearts of D.C with their vibrant performance at the Anthem

(10/13/22 12:59pm)

After a 18 month hiatus, the rock band Death Cab for Cutie made its official return to the stage with the release of their new album “Asphalt Meadows.” With tour dates scheduled until March 2023, the band’s strong comeback shows that it can mature with their audience while maintaining their early nostalgic sound. 

AU undergrad alum and attorney Steven Donziger speaks out about serving 1000 days of arbitrary detention

(10/04/22 1:17pm)

Steven Donziger, American University undergraduate 1983 alum and attorney, filed a lawsuit in August of 2011 against Texaco after suing the corporation for environmental damages in the Ecuadorian Amazon on behalf of over 30,000 Indigenous and Ecuadorian citizens who had been negatively affected by the extraction of oil. 

AU students protest new fossil fuel projects at the White House

(09/29/22 12:00pm)

Several AU students attended a ceremony at the White House earlier this month that the Biden administration held to celebrate the passing of the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA). The White House characterized the IRA as “the most aggressive action on tackling the climate crisis in American history.” Magnolia Mead and Jamie Minden, both sophomores in the College of Arts and Sciences, were invited to the celebration for their involvement with a student sit-in for the Build Back Better legislation the previous year. 

Protestors from across the U.S. come to the Capitol to resist sacrifice zones

(09/19/22 11:06am)

Hundreds of protestors gathered near the U.S. Capitol Building in early September to protest an energy bill passed in conjunction with the Inflation Reduction Act by Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia. The bill would permit the construction of the Mountain Valley Pipeline, which would transport natural gas between Virginia and West Virginia. 

REVIEW: ‘Ancestors Know Who We Are’ asserts the kinship of Black-Indigenous people through art

(09/01/22 12:00pm)

Brutal colonialist practices and white supremacy have suppressed the culture and relationship of Black and Indigenous communities for centuries, leaving many members from younger generations disconnected from their mother tongue, lineage and dual identity. 

The ‘popular’ podcast: Uncovering unspoken social hierarchies in DC’s LGBTQ+ community

(04/08/22 6:10pm)

Popularity is often a concept associated with middle school, but to many people’s surprise, popularity manifests itself into social hierarchies and stratification. In William Keiser's new podcast, he demonstrates this specifically in D.C.’s LGBTQ+ community. 

National Museum of Women in the Arts displays new exhibit ‘Positive Fragmentation’ in Katzen

(02/23/22 3:37pm)

Collaging is often seen as a mere hobby when compared to the “fine art” of oil paintings and pieces of grandeur, but the National Museum of Women in the Arts debunks this misconception through “Positive Fragmentation,” an exhibit on display at American University’s Katzen Arts Center. 

DC Exhibit Highlight: ‘Disco to the Go-Go’ highlights the magic and importance of Go-Go music

(01/04/22 3:26pm)

Near Union Market lies Neal Place NE, a row of unassuming gray-brick buildings — with one exception. The bright orange and pink exterior walls of the Disco DC exhibit reflects the vibrancy of the space inside, which currently features an exhibit curated by Justin “Yaddiya” Johnson, commonly known as Yaddi. Through his art, he works to preserve and revive Go-Go music: a key component of D.C.’s Black culture. 

REVIEW: ‘Conflict to Creativity: Transitions' exhibit provides space for veterans to share their stories through art

(12/15/21 1:53pm)

In honor of Veteran’s Day and the 100th Anniversary of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier on Nov. 11, the Honfleur Gallery in Anacostia opened “Conflict to Creativity: Transitions,” showcasing art from veterans of the D.C. community. 

Sovereignty and Stewardship Alternative Break program calls attention to construction of Line 3 pipeline

(10/20/21 5:39pm)

Since 2014, Indigenous communities have been fighting against the construction of Line 3, a pipeline being built on Anishinaabe and Ojibwe land in Minnesota. This spring, one of American University’s Alternative Break Programs will mobilize students to join the fight.