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The ‘popular’ podcast: Uncovering unspoken social hierarchies in DC’s LGBTQ+ community

(04/08/22 6:10pm)

Popularity is often a concept associated with middle school, but to many people’s surprise, popularity manifests itself into social hierarchies and stratification. In William Keiser's new podcast, he demonstrates this specifically in D.C.’s LGBTQ+ community. 

National Museum of Women in the Arts displays new exhibit ‘Positive Fragmentation’ in Katzen

(02/23/22 3:37pm)

Collaging is often seen as a mere hobby when compared to the “fine art” of oil paintings and pieces of grandeur, but the National Museum of Women in the Arts debunks this misconception through “Positive Fragmentation,” an exhibit on display at American University’s Katzen Arts Center. 

DC Exhibit Highlight: ‘Disco to the Go-Go’ highlights the magic and importance of Go-Go music

(01/04/22 3:26pm)

Near Union Market lies Neal Place NE, a row of unassuming gray-brick buildings — with one exception. The bright orange and pink exterior walls of the Disco DC exhibit reflects the vibrancy of the space inside, which currently features an exhibit curated by Justin “Yaddiya” Johnson, commonly known as Yaddi. Through his art, he works to preserve and revive Go-Go music: a key component of D.C.’s Black culture. 

REVIEW: ‘Conflict to Creativity: Transitions' exhibit provides space for veterans to share their stories through art

(12/15/21 1:53pm)

In honor of Veteran’s Day and the 100th Anniversary of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier on Nov. 11, the Honfleur Gallery in Anacostia opened “Conflict to Creativity: Transitions,” showcasing art from veterans of the D.C. community. 

Sovereignty and Stewardship Alternative Break program calls attention to construction of Line 3 pipeline

(10/20/21 5:39pm)

Since 2014, Indigenous communities have been fighting against the construction of Line 3, a pipeline being built on Anishinaabe and Ojibwe land in Minnesota. This spring, one of American University’s Alternative Break Programs will mobilize students to join the fight.