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Opinion: WoMen’s rights?

(09/07/22 12:46pm)

In 1973, the Roe v. Wade decision protected reproductive rights under the right to privacy. The court split pregnancy into three trimesters, where the pregnant person could decide whether or not to continue the pregnancy during the first trimester. After that, states may regulate abortions in the second or third term as they see fit. However, as many know, this decision did not stick. Those against abortion claimed that the act was against religous beliefs, was murderous, or was morally wrong. These anti-abortion advocates continued to fight for what they believed was right, further dividing parties (and people) within the United States. 

Opinion: The bad and ugly of American University’s only testing center

(03/25/22 5:54pm)

I am no stranger to the cold and I often find the D.C. winter to be warm in comparison to my central New York childhood. However, I do wince as I feel the striking mid-Atlantic winter wind as I walk across the parking lot from my dorm hall in East Campus to go to the nearest and only coronavirus testing site on campus. 

Opinion: Mandatory testing at American University is necessary

(02/03/22 2:59pm)

For almost two years, the coronavirus pandemic has altered countless lives. For many, the normal “college experience” has been uprooted by online classes, online semesters and COVID-19 testing. These are precautions necessary to sustain the safety of the scholastic and outer communities, but at American University, weekly testing is not mandated.