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Decorating 101: The Scene’s guide to decorating your dorm room

Decorating 101: The Scene’s guide to decorating your dorm room

For many college students, sharing a tight space with one window is an unfortunate reality when moving on to campus. But your room does not have to be a dull, cramped little box! With Welcome Week and move-in day quickly approaching, here are some tips and tricks to make your dorm room your “home away from home.”

Fill your walls with pictures of your friends, family and (of course) pet

Moving away from family and friends for the first time is hard. Filling up the empty, white walls with pictures of your loved ones can help, especially when they’re the first ones you see in the morning! Check out some cool DIYs here.

Put up some posters

If pictures will make you feel too homesick, put up some fun posters to add a little color and life to your bare walls. Posters are a great way to show off your interests and personality, whether it’s a favorite band, celebrity or cool art. Check out some great ideas here. Some ways to hang up posters without peeling the paint is to use poster tape, magic tape and removable putty.

Invest in a durable comforter

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Chances are you won’t be buying a new comforter every year, so take the time to invest in a quality one. Your bed is the first thing people will see when they come into your dorm, so play around with fun patterns and colors. Find a comforter that shows off your personality and is also comfortable to sleep in.

Light it up!

Unfortunately, the fluorescent lighting in dorm rooms suck (especially for selfies). Add some brightness to your room with some lamps, and for a more cozier experience, twirl around some fairy lights. Check some out here.

Invest in a lot of storage

Other than your comforter, your extra storage is going to travel with you all four years. AU already gives a lot of storage in the dorms, but living with one or two people in a small space can get a little uncomfortable, so make sure you stay organized. In a traditional dorm, AU provides two closets, two dressers, two sets of drawers and two desks. This is enough space for two people, however, it will get tight when you’re in a triple. Check out some organizational tips for storage here.

Add some greenery

Nothing says a “homey” experience than some plants! They’re a great way to add some color and life as well. We all know that the college life can get a little busy, so try a small cactus plant. They require little water and care, so they’re pretty much impossible to kill. Some places to find plants in D.C. are Ginkgo Gardens, Old City Farm & Guild, Johnson’s Florist and Garden Center and Let’sGrowDC.

Washi tape is your new BFF

When decorating a dorm room, washi tape is a great way to add color! They don’t take the paint off the walls or ruin furniture, so they can be used to create fun designs or for lining. Washi tape comes in dozens of different colors and designs. Check them out here.

Don’t get too carried away

Make sure you treat your room and your hall with respect. Don’t make any holes or peel the paint off the walls when hanging decorations. AU will go around and check for damages in your room at the end of the year and charge you for any damage done. Check in with your RA for any questions about decorations.

Make sure you have fun!

For a lot of us, moving into a college dorm room is a milestone. Make sure you have fun when moving in and really soak in the moment, because you only get to move into your freshman dorm once! Use the decorations as a way to express yourself, because there’s nothing better than living in a room that you really call your home.

For all the college essentials you will need, check out a helpful list here!

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